SWTOR Release Date Announced

The big news this morning is the announcement of the launch date for Star Wars The Old Republic.

The big day will be the 20th of December in the US, and the 22nd in Europe. No date has been given for Australia and Oceania, though there is a rumor that it won’t be until February or March 2012.

So while the rest of the world will be happily swinging their lightsabres over Christmas, those of us Downunder will be twiddling our thumbs. This kinda sucks.

Having said that, there is no region locking on the game, so those who can somehow import it from overseas should still be able to play. I’m wondering if it will be accessible as a digital download, however while the game will be not be region locked that doesn’t mean that credit cards or IP addresses from Oz and Asia will be accepted.

I guess it means that we’ll  also miss out on any preorder bonuses if we want to play at launch.

It occurs to me that The Secret World will be released around April 2012. Since I’ve been looking forward to that, maybe I’ll just save my pennies, not play SWTOR, and wait for TSW.