Diablo 3 Sounds Promising

The Diablo 3 beta has started, and the reports are starting to trickle into the Interwebs.

I like what I’m reading too. All of the reports are early impressions, and all seem to be pretty positive. A lot of the concerns about candyland graphics appear to be unfounded, with the game being somewhat dark and gritty. (Actually if you have a dark game, you need a lot of color otherwise the game looks dull and monochrome.)

The classes also have been reported as being fun. And there appears to be plenty to do, with large levels and lots of side quests. RPS has said that Diablo 3 has a more RPG feel to it as well.

I’m not sure when Diablo 3 will be released, but I doubt it will be much longer. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some time over Christmas to enjoy it.