Secret World Subscriptions

Yesterday Funcom announced that The Secret World business model was going to go down the subscription path with a game store that sells only convenience and character customisation gear.

I have been wondering a bit about this. While it’s not surprising that Funcom are going to use a subscription model for The Secret World, the fact is that going Freemium with Age of Conan has brought a lot of new players (or perhaps returning players) to the game. Something like 300,000 extra active players I believe, which has to be good for the game.

Still, The Secret World has a lot of positive buzz around it at the moment. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t do well at launch, as long as the launch itself doesn’t go the same way as the Anarchy Online and Age of Conan launches.

Third time lucky anyone?

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  1. epic.ben

    I think this is actually the worst possible approach. Charge me a monthly fee AND a store with cash sales for new skins, “convenience”, etc.? Forget that. It’s double-dipping. Go the F2P route and do it well, or don’t do it, but this makes me angry.

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