Blizzard Surprised By Diablo III Reaction

Via RPS from MTV Multiplayer, Robert Bridenbecker one of the Blizzard VPs commenting on the fuss caused by the reaction to Blizzards recent announcement on Diablo 3 say he is surprised by it all.

Really? Surprised?

Surprised that people don’t like the whole real money auction house, even if it offers a solution to the RMT in Diablo 2, are concerned because they see it as a pay to win scenario, or legitimizing the RMT trade?

Surprised that people who have found the always on DRM that Ubisoft implemented didn’t really work all that well, or who may not have reliable internet connections, are miffed?

Surprised that the loyal community of fans who have extended the longevity of Diablo 2 through mods aren’t happy that they won’t be able to do the same with Diablo 3?

I don’t know about you, but I’m less and less surprised by anything I see on the web these days. Jaded? Perhaps. Perhaps, I’ve seen these sort of reactions before to similar announcements by other devs.

The same things were said about Assassins Creed and Settlers when Ubisoft announced that they would always have to be connected to the Internet. With some gamers unable to play the game they paid for due to problems with the servers, the critics were proved right. That Blizzards potential customers are concerned about the same thing happening doesn’t really surprise anyone, does it?


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  1. Genda

    In fairness, comparing Blizzard’s record for server uptime to Ubisoft’s is a little disingenuous. I think that Ubisoft has shown that they are not to be trusted in this regard and Blizzard? Well Blizzard runs the largest MMO out there with dedicated servers. Which are pretty much up when they are supposed to be. Uptime doesn’t concern me. Client side hacking is cheat-to-win. Black market items are risky. I think that eliminating the one and making the other unnecessary are a good thing.

    That’s just my opinion.

    I understand why people are upset but I think in a practical sense this is a non-issue for people who play at home or the office. People who play on the road a lot have a different beef.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    When it comes to MMORPG uptime, sure Blizzard’s record is pretty good. I’m a little concerned though, because my recent experience with Starcraft 2 staying connected to Battlenet isn’t as good. I appear to have missed a few achievements because I went ‘offline’ during several games. That doesn’t worry me too much because I wasn’t playing for the achievements, but if this happened during a game of D3, I’d be a lot less happy.

    I just don’t buy the excuse that they are preventing cheating. There is absolutely no reason why characters created offline couldn’t be prevented from being used online. Players aren’t stupid, they’ll know and (hopefully) understand why that is the case.

    As I mentioned in the earlier post, none of this will really concern me. I won’t be using mods or buying gear, and I won’t be playing multiplayer and have a good connection, so provided Battlenet works as advertised (and doesn’t have downtime during Aussie peak hours) it won’t affect me.

    Also don’t forget, even these days not everyone has or can afford broadband, a lot of people still use dial-up. I’ve been reading a few comments from service-people. And some broadband services can get a little flakey. None of the people in these situations would be impressed.

    Which is why the comment about being surprised about the reaction is in itself a little surprising.

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