Diablo 3 Announcement Thoughts

Yesterday’s announcement by Blizzard about some of the details of the upcoming Diablo 3 started a bit of a firestorm of controversy across the Internet.

For me the biggest issue is the always online requirement to play. Not that it really affects me negatively as I have a pretty good connection and rarely get dc’d from any game I play. However I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 again recently, and it doesn’t seem to reliably stay connected to Battlenet, and also doesn’t appear to be able to reconnect without restarting the game. It’s pretty poor for a game that has been out for so long. I’d hope this doesn’t happen with D3, but Diablo 3 is Battlenet.

Despite the always online requirement, if I end up getting D3 I won’t be playing with other players anyway. My experience with that on Diablo 2 was less than enjoyable. I’d rather play through the single player campaign on my own once or twice and leave it at that. No need for an always on connection there. Unless Blizzard force cooperative play (unlikely) I’ll be soloing.

The other issues don’t impact me at all. I never used mods. Of course sometimes players come up with really awesome mods to these games, and it would be nice to have the option. But since that isn’t going to happen here, no big deal for me.

The real money auction house won’t affect me either since I won’t use it. I’ve never bought gold or goods from a gold seller, and I struggle buying goods from the various cash shops that different games have. Buying a bit of gear from another player for cash? No way.

I also think the real money AH is a bad idea. All it does is legitimatise gold farming. The only difference now is that Blizzard gets a cut. Way to go.

I have also, aside from this announcement heard a few stories about the gameplay. At the moment, they’re only rumours, and they go on about how the game is being dumbed down in various areas such as skill selection and character customisation. I hope these rumours are false, because the last thing we need is more dumbing down of once challenging game franchises.

Hopefully, it’s a ‘the bad news first’ kind of announcement and there will be some good features announced later, because as I see it Diablo 3 isn’t looking all that appealing at the moment. Duke Nukem Forever, aside from the inane poop jokes and poor taste dumbed down the gameplay significantly from DN3D, instead of taking what was great about the original game and improving it. I’m glad I waited before buying Duke. If it looks like Diablo 3 is going the same way, I’m not sure I’ll bother. Of course it hasn’t been released yet, so we have no real gameplay info to go on.

I think I’ll be waiting a few weeks after release for this to see if it is something I want to play.