Developers: Now Is The Time To Release A Sandbox MMORPG

or at least if you have a Sandbox MMORPG on the market, boost your advertising.

The fuss caused by the Eve item shop isn’t anything new in the world of MMO games. Players threaten to rage-quit over the silliest of issues, and as far as the numbers show, rarely carry out that threat.

Occasionally though, players do quit en-masse. I suspect the Real ID fiasco Blizzard set in motion a while back was one of these times. Lot’s of players said they quit and indicated Real ID as the reason, and within a fairly short time, the normally unmovable Blizzard backpedaled. It’s hard to tell, though, if this was the cause because the company is in control of the stats and generally only release them when they look favorable. I doubt CCP would do any different.

Still in the case of the Eve shop debacle, there are signs that players are jumping ship.

Remember Perpetuum? I had a quick look at this game when it was released late last year, the folks there emailed me an early access key and I spent a couple of hours tooling around in my robot. My impression was that it was effectively Eve Online but groundside.

Well, it seems that the similarity to Eve is giving it a boost.

According to Massively, Perpetuum is experiencing an influx of Eve players to such an extent that the Perpetuum devs have had to put a login limit in place. That’s right. Perpetuum, a six month old game we haven’t heard that much of since release is now experiencing the (equivalent of) server queues. Even if Eve players aren’t quitting yet, they are trying out the competition.

This might be a good time for developers of other sandboxes to either announce or release their games.


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  1. epic.ben

    If only there was a mythical developer somewhere out in the interwebs, with the moxie to actually build a sandbox MMO that I want to play.

    Sad to see what happened with CCP this last week. I’m still in shock with how they’ve handled all of this.

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