One Thing I’d Like To See In Rift

I’m still playing Rift, and enjoying it. My Pyro/Elem Mage, Vroomfondel, is slowly running through the content having just entered the Moonshade Highlands.

The reason my progress has been so slow is that I’m spending a lot of time working on my business these days, and actually feel a little guilty when I put aside any time for gaming. So I tend to limit gaming to the weekend.

Rift tends to lend itself to solo play, even with other players around. I often find myself in a situation where I’ve grouped up and once the goal has been completed, I leave the group and head on to the next challenge. The rift and invasion systems invite this kind of play.

Consquently, I’ve found myself outleveling some of the content, and going back later to complete some quests and acheivements. Unfortunately, by the time I do that, the quests and mobs are often gray and provide no experience or challenge.

It occurred to me last weekend when I was in Freemarch, that I’d love to see the mentoring system that Everquest 2 so cleverly implemented.

EQ2 allows players to match a lower level player’s level. This allows the high level player to adventure with lower level players in  a group without simply overwhelming the other players.

Players can also visit a Chronomage and pay some gold to drop their levels for a while to some desired level. The game then scales the players gear and skills down to the appropriate level. Taking into account AA’s and other factors, the character is still pretty powerful, but not massively overpowered.

This is great for exactly the situation I am in with Rift, it allows the player to experience the area as intended, and in the case of Rift some of the daily quests actually require a kill that gives experience. This feature would allow players to go back and build up their reputation after they’ve already grown out of a zone.