Conan The F2P Barbarian

Age of Conan is going to be relaunched as a Free To Play game sometime this NH summer, which should be pretty soon now as it is getting quite chilly in the land of Oz.

It’s not all that surprising really. Funcoms other game, Anarchy Online, also doesn’t require a paid subscription for the low end content. And from what I’ve observed, adding special F2P servers for Everquest 2 has been good for that game as well. Hopefully this action by Funcom helps AoC get a decent influx of new and old players into the game.

It’s been a while since I player AoC. It was about a year ago I took advantage of a promotion to create a Barbarian and retry the game. At launch Age of Conan was fairly limited with the best content being experienced in Tortage under level 20. When I got back into the game last, it was obvious that Funcom had spent a lot of time and effort improving the post-Tortage experience. And from the press releases I’ve seen, that effort has continued.

I’ve also seen recently that there is going to be an expansion that ties into some of the locations that movie goers will see in the new Conan The Barbarian movie.

With all that, and considering that the Barbarian is going to be one of the four classes that comes ‘free’ with the F2P aspect of the game, it might be worth dusting him off, equipping that axe, and once again finding out what it best in life.



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