Hold On, This Will Sting A Little – PSN And SOE Still Down

It’s now the US weekend primetime, as pointed out by Wilhelm at the Ancient Gaming Noob, and both the SOE network and PSN are still down. That’s gotta hurt both the company and the players who love the games that rely on both these networks.

I am wondering is if this will have a permanent, negative effect on SOE. Syp has put up a short list of SOE substitutions for those who are missing out on their SOE and PSN gaming over this weekend. A couple of the suggestions include playing Wizard 101 instead of Free Realms and Anarchy Online instead of SWG. The thing is, there will be scores of players looking for exactly these kind of substitutions, and sometimes once someone takes a step away there’s no return. This is going to be a real problem for the long term sustainability of many Sony games.

They really need to fix this, and fix it fast. But I think they already know that.

Ironically, for once I don’t think it will be the game devs themselves being forced to stay up for days on end to solve the problem. This is a network and commercial systems issue, not a problem with the actual game code and systems. It will be the departments that manage the money systems that will be a hive of unrelenting, high pressure full of sleep deprived, caffeine soaked IT guys and programmers.

Spare them a sympathetic thought.