Is Rift Starting To Fizzle?

Predictions of doom. Every game has them, and bloggers love to give them.

Keen just asked:

I’m anticipating the game to start fizzling out sometime in the next few weeks.  Friends of mine and some people whose blogs/websites I follow have already reported a decline in the overall number of people on servers and actively doing things.  Anyone else notice this?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is that any noticable differences in population is more likely to be due to players spreading out across zones rather than deserting the game.

Consider that at this stage (6 to 8 weeks) with Warhammer Online, during Australian primetime, I could run across some of the lower level zones and not see a single player. In Rift at 6 to 8 weeks, it’s rare not to see other players. Meridian always has players, and yesterday in Stonefield there had to be at least 30 players battling a major rift invasion.

Sure, Rift will have lost some players. There will always be new players who try out the game, not like it, and leave. That’s not fizzle, that’s just the way it works.

Aside from the fuss over the World Event, it looks like Rift is doing just fine.

It is certainly doing better than Warhammer Online, and that game is still running and under active development.

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  1. Blue Kae

    Faeblight is still plenty busy as well. I really don’t expect to see any fizzling for at least the next couple of months. Yeah the world event fell flat, however they’ve done a good job of giving out titles and items as an apology. Even better, in my opinion, are the additions coming to the came in patch 1.2. My only question is how long can they keep up their current pace of patching in fixes and adding new content.

  2. Scopique

    “Certain” bloggers love to give em. I practically wet myself reading Massively’s interview with Scott Hartsmann. That they can get that kind of content out in a 1.2 patch means they’re not standing still or are allowing months to pass before we see progress. That’s the kind of schedule I think MMOers have been waiting for, and no one has yet to provide.

  3. Stropp (Post author)

    @Blue Kae — Faeblight is the server I’m on too. There doesn’t seem to be any fizzle there aside from the usual population spread and initial dropoff.

    The world event was disappointing, certainly, but from the sound of it Trion learned a lot, and I expect the next will be handled quite a bit better.

    As for keeping up the pace, it’s been done before with Asheron’s Call having a monthly event/story/world progress for many years. I hear that’s dropped off a bit in later years, but I expect that’s mostly due to the size of the game and the team. If Trion have built the system infrastructure to allow for this, then all the better.

    @Scopique — I didn’t see that interview, but even observationally it appears that Rift is focussed on providing regular and frequent updates. It will be very nice to see that happen, much better than waiting 2 years between expansions.

  4. Ferrel

    I’m pretty much agree and say absolutely no. This is just the usual “haters want to hate” and see MMORPGs fail because they didn’t meet their expectations.

    Byriel is slamming with people every time I log in. I wasn’t at work yesterday and had people to play with. I stayed up late and had people to play with.

    As a guild leader you usually have some people who join up and then fade pretty quickly. I’m still gaining members.

    Fizzle? Hardly. I imagine it will be the number two MMORPG soon. Especially if they keep putting in as much content as they are.

  5. xXJayeDuBXx

    I’m so glad that Keen is there to speak for everyone.

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