Question Of The Day: Would You Play A Modern Asheron’s Call?

Asheron’s Call is perhaps one of the most loved of the early MMORPGs. You’ve heard me reminisce about the game, fondly, and the comments I’ve seen always seem to regard the game with the same feelings. It’s rare to hear a bad word about AC.

The big problem these days is that Asheron’s Call is terribly dated. While other games like Everquest have had a bit of the old nip and tuck to make them look fresher, AC has had precious little done to the graphics and even less cosmetic surgery on the GUI. There was a engine upgrade a while back, but that didn’t make that much of a difference to the look.

So here’s the scenario.

If someone made a Asheron’s Call a-like, keeping the game mechanics as they are now, perhaps with some streamlining and a modern GUI, but with 2011 standard AAA graphics, would you drop everything and subscribe?

Or, do you prefer classes, highlighted quest-givers, and the modern themepark presentation over the gameplay of Asheron’s Call?

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  1. Manamar

    I think I’d be seriously tempted. I loved the game. I loved the lore; perhaps too much, as I finally quit when every monthly patch was just a succession of housing kibble with no lore to back it up – I’m almost an anti-Ysharros when it comes to housing kibble! I loved the concept of a personal spell economy so you had to keep rotating through your spell list instead of mindlessly mashing one buttong.

  2. Ivel

    I play AC still, on and off for years and have resubbed recently. This will never happen.. Its been thought of, begged for, and talked about in every which way. AC is still around . not as many people left nowadays. But The community loves what you all love.. See myself i play SNEs games in my downtime. I dont care about stupid ass graphics. AC is the best game of all time .

  3. wayne

    in a heart beat!

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