Do The Big Game Companies Even Care About Their Customers Anymore?

Ars Technica: DRM run amok: how Bioware and EA are screwing users right now


Sometime on Friday morning, Dragon Age:Origins players who booted up the game for a session of single-player dungeon crawling were greeted with a nasty surprise: all of the downloadable content (DLC) that they had purchased for the game had been flagged as “unauthorized,” so their saved games wouldn’t load. Again, these were vanilla, single-player saved games, representing untold hours of gameplay and investment, that users were suddenly unable to load.

Quote 2:

I mean, it’s common practice when you’re having server issues to post an announcement somewhere, so that people don’t waste their time troubleshooting. In Bioware/EA’s case, that announcement didn’t come until yesterday afternoon—over three days after the start of the incident—when an official company rep finally graced the forum and acknowledged that this was a server-side problem.

I guess it’s more important to make sure that no one can pirate your game, than it is to actually let your customers get access to what they purchased. It also seems it’s less important, when your DRM screws up, to tell your customers that the problem is your fault.

Good one, EA.

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  1. Manamar

    Right. So that explains why I had the issues I did. Idiots!!

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