Rift Progress – Leveling, Alts, and Invasions

I spent a good portion of last weekend playing Rift.

You might remember that I created a Guardian Cleric in order to check out the start of the Guardian story. Once I completed that, and found myself in the main starting area, I logged that character and loaded up my Defiant Warrior, Stropp. I proceeded to level him up to 16, and then, as is typical for me, I decided to create another Defiant alt.

The problem was, I found the Guardian Cleric playstyle more enjoyable than the Warrior. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the Warrior, I did, but that ended up nagging on me. So Boneshaker was born.

After running her through the tutorial area, I did some of the starter area quests and, being late on Sunday, logged off for the evening having reached level 8.

Last night I logged back in and proceeded to work through the quests. I find now that I’m getting used to the way things work in Rift, that I’m a lot more efficient. Rift seems to reward players with an easy learning curve. It doesn’t take long to figure out the best way to do things. So much so, that after only a couple of hours, I dinged level 13.

One of the coolest things about Rift, has to be the invasions.

On Sunday during the day, the area in which I was questing attracted the attention of a large number of werewolves, undead, Guardians, and other assorted invaders.

My first experience with this, at level 11, was to see a bunch of level 8 baddies approaching, and in noting the level difference proceed to engage… and get thoroughly womped. Fortunately, there were a lot of players around during these events including a bunch of fairly high level players. Still, protecting the wardstones turned in a bit of a hairball, and was chaotic, and fun.

At one point, I opened up the map and saw about ten invasion forces all headed to my location. Very cool.

More and more it looks like Trion have a real winner with Rift.


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