A Touch Of Cthulu In Rift

A few months ago I decided to buy some Lovecraft, and bought a collection of stories based on the Cthulu mythos. In reading those stories there was a common thread that ran through them; mankind was completely utterly unable to comprehend the elder mysteries and those who faced them were driven insane.

So while playing Rift tonight, I was sent to a little place called Lakeside to meet with someone on a mission there.

When I arrived, I was told that the inhabitants were behaving strangely, and that the quest giver felt she was being watched. She was also having visions.

Of course when I sent to find out the details, and then to knock off the cultists I discovered, the citizens morphed into eldritch beasts called the Deep Ones. Upon returning to the quest giver wasn’t feeling better, in fact her headaches were getting worse. It looks like something is building.

I received the distinct impression that some in Trion are fans of Lovecraft. I love these little touches in Rift.


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