Slaying Dragons

How long ago did I buy Dragon Age Origins?

I’m not a hundred percent sure, but it was soon after the game was released.

At the time I didn’t get much further than the Redcliff quests, which I did immediately after Lothering.

So a couple of weeks ago, with all the talk of Dragon Age 2 around the web, I decided that hey, perhaps it’s not a bad idea to make another run at the game. So I created a human noble warrior, and set off once again on the quest to save the world, and spent many many hours doing so.

This all culminated with the slaying of the Archdemon, and nice big graphical reward for doing so.

I must say I’m really glad I went back and completed the game, although I did miss a lot of the additional quests from the special givers like the Blackthorn guys. I think that’s why I never had the financial resources to buy the really great weapons.

I also left the Premium content that came with the game towards the end, forgetting that Soldiers Peak provided some handy extra storage. If I ever do the game again, I’ll remember to do all the premium content first. And maybe I’ll even consider buying the rest of the DLC.

Of course DA2 is now out, and it seems that most people like it, even if there are a few dissenting opinions. So when I get some free time, I might give this one a go too.