Rift: Don’t Play At Release

There’s an old adage every MMORPG player of age knows intimately.

“Don’t play on patch day.”

My early MMORPG experiences with Asheron’s Call proved this beyond a doubt. There were a number of unexpected shutdowns, and even a few rollbacks after bugs introduced on patch day caused unforseen problems that couldn’t wait to be corrected. Harsh experience has shown the same to be true for many MMORPG release days. In some cases the problems persisted for months before being ironed out, Vanguard being the most egregious example in recent years.

Despite being an almost flawless launch, Rift has also given the old adage some merit. Even after adding a bunch of servers, bringing the total launch servers to 58 US and 41 European, there are still queues to get in.

Once in the game, players are reporting a fun gaming experience in a game that has pushed forward the MMORPG genre.

If you want a truely hassle free experience with Rift, you’re probably best off waiting a week or two until every thing and every one settles down into the post launch routine.

So why am I disappointed that I’m not experiencing Rift yet?


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  1. Scopique

    The raging queues that have been talked about where actually during headstart, for people who were really hardcore about Rift to preorder. Now that the game has hit retail shelves, the queues on the most popular servers have shrunk to a mere fraction. Last night around 7PM EST, my queue was only 5 minutes for Faeblight. Compare that to last Friday at the same time, same server, where my wait was over 4 hours.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    You know. That makes me even more disappointed that I’m not playing Rift. Shame on you, Scopique!

  3. Hudson

    Umm I had no Q’s during head start the last two days. I also repicked my Pve server and picked one that didn’t have a cool name. No issues for me. Sometimes you gotta bend a little and just not be a typical cry baby mmo player and things are easily fixed. The majority of the whining is just from a bunch of idiots that would rather pound a login button than think outside the box

  4. Eljo

    Rift’s dynamic content such as invasions, etc.. is so much better when there are a lot of people around, since they rely on player cooperation. So there is a real reason to play on day one there.

  5. Hunter

    yeah the queues have definitely shrunk, even at peak times the longest i waited was a half hour. shorter queues are more common.

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