Oops. I Did It Again.

No. Not Britany Spears. I succumbed to the addiction of altaholism.

It’s getting quite late, it’s coming up on 1:30am, so I’ll be quick.

I didn’t get any time to play on Fippy yesterday. By the time I was ready to get on and do some old skool grinding (so old skool it’s spelt wrong) it was 9pm. I logged in and found the servers all locked. SOE had taken them all down to do an update about a minute earlier, and was saying that the downtime was going to be 5 hours. That put paid to that.

I’d already got Stropp the Mage to level four on Wednesday, and logged him in again today (Friday) and spent about 90 minutes this afternoon adding about 50 percent of the next level running about the Commonlands. I also experimented a bit with the different pets, Water, Fire, and Air. Air seems to be the winner, but he gets lost a lot.

Around 9pm I was ready to have another go, but this time as I said, I couldn’t resist and created the Paladin I was considering. She ended up being a Half-Elf called Stroppadin and started in South Qeynos. Man is that area confusing!

I moved out to the North Qeynos front yard and started the killing process from scratch, but this time it seemed a lot faster. I hit level 2 within an hour and a half, and three about the same time later. I was even close enough to a yellow Fippy Darkpaw when he started his assault and managed to both do the most damage and get the kill, giving me a bit of loot including Fippy’s Paw which adds to some stats. Nice.

This time I did a bit more exploring and tried to do one of the quests that the guildmasters give out.

And was that ever frustrating. I had to deliver a note into the Catacombs, and for the life of me I couldn’t find a clear path to the recipient. I ended up leaving the zone and found myself in a pool that I couldn’t get out of. So I drowned myself. There’s something wrong with that whole thing I reckon. It needs to be better.

Funny enough the actual grinding isn’t too bad. I’m still enjoying the process and even the occasional death isn’t that annoying.

After the Catacombs I headed back into the yard and resumed the grind, I ended up about 40 percent to level 4 when I logged.

As for tomorrow, it’s Saturday so it’s a good time to do some more ever questing, and not make any more alts!

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