A Bit Of Running Around And A Rematch

Lunch time beckons so I’m taking a short break from Everquest to satisfy the foodish cravings. At one time I recall playing games, so focussed that I forgot to eat. That would be great these days as I need to lose a few kilos, but the reduced ability to play through is only one of the things affected by age. But I digress.

Last night when I left off, I had made it about 40% of the way to level 4. A couple of hours play this morning has seen that goal acheived.

I did a little exploring, had a look inside Blackburrow, but it wa’s bit harsh for a level 3, probably even a level 4. I might head in at level 5 or 6.

I spent my time mostly in the Qeynos Hills area. Unfortunately, QH seems to be far less populated with spawns than the Commonlands, and there were a few players there. Made it somewhat less interesting than Commonlands, but now I’ve leveled we’ll see if that improves.

I also ran into an old friend.

Fippy Darkpaw

My Old Mate Fippy

Time for a rematch. This time there was no competition so I went at him. Although technically he attacked me first. Shortly afterwards the result was known.

Fippy Is Dead

There Can Be Only One

Nothing dropped this time. The last time I scored Fippys Paw which conveniently placed itself in my ranged slot. It’s not much, but improves a couple of stats, and can also be placed in my house if ever I get one.

Fippys Paw

Give Me A Hand Please

Hopefully when I get back this arvo, I’ll be able to add another level or two. At that time I’ll see about hitting Blackburrow.

Stay tuned.

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