Is The Experience Gain On Fippy Darkpaw Too Slow?

It didn’t take very long at all did it?

Within a few hours of the new Everquest progression server, Fippy Darkpaw, going live this thread (EXP Too Slow On Fippy) appeared on the official forums. I guess it’s not unexpected.

There are two main points being made in this discussion.

  1. Experience gain is much slower than it was on the original classic servers, and I’m not happy.
  2. It’s fine; I’m happy; Don’t complain.

Personally, while I found it a lot slower than I’m used too, killing 50 mobs to get to level 2 is very slow, the amount didn’t bother me all that much. I think I would have prefered to level a tad faster in the first two levels, and I think it would have helped move players on from the newby area faster too, but overall I enjoyed the experience of being in an area with many other players.

I’m not there yet, but from what I’ve read the leveling speed will increase as the levels increase past the low levels. Over the years, the hell levels of Everquest have been eliminated as SOE has smoothed out the experience curve. This should see a much smoother progression than existed on the classic servers.

It’s also a possible reason for the slowness of the first two levels. Smoothing out curves tends to make the ‘fast’ levels slower while speeding up the ‘slow’ levels. It’s just the price to be paid for a better game experience later on.

Still, there’s a few players that think that leveling is too slow. What about you. What do you think?

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