Blizzileaks – A Disturbing Lack Of Detail

First there was Wikileaks, now Blizzileaks.

A couple of days ago a document turned up on the web purporting to be a leaked schedule from Blizzard for its upcoming games.

Despite the current trend of releasing sensitive information on the internet, I very much doubt this is one of those cases.

First of all, Blizzard is actually pretty good at keeping itself from leaking. I don’t actually recall any cases where there has been a leak as serious as this from a company who’s mantra is, “When it’s done.”

But let’s ignore that for a minute. This is not a team oriented document. The WoW team doesn’t need to know when Diablo 3 will be released, and the Starcraft 2 guys wouldn’t be told about this mysterious Titan project. (The first rule of containing information, and we’ve established Blizzard is good at that, is to let as few people as possible know about the details.) This document would be a top level document designated for senior execs, possibly at CEO and departmental head level.

The other thing to note is that there is a distinct lack of detail with the document. There are no planning line items, just release quarters, and these kinda contradict what we know of Blizzards history in releasing games. I don’t really expect Blizz to release Diablo 3 at the same time as the SC2 first expansion pack.

It’s telling that these are referred to as expansions. The Starcraft2  marketing has been quite explicit in saying they were three separate games, with each containing a full games worth of content. If this were the case would Blizzard be referring to them internally as expansions?

Now I admit that I haven’tbeen following some of the game news recently, so I haven’t heard about Starcraft 2 Phoenix. Is this a special project, or a part of the main SC2 development? Regardless, the release quarter here seems suspicous too.

Note too, that the line item for the first Starcraft 2 expansion is spelled wrong, Starcarft2X1… Spelling mistakes happen, at all levels sometimes, but really… this wasn’t caught? If this is an official document, it wasn’t a released document. More than likely, it’s a draft.

So my take on this. Not really Wikileaks material I’m afraid, not enough detail. More likely this is a fake document designed to appeal to the gaming communitys emotional desire for the games it is looking forward too.

It’s very easy to fake out gamers.

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  1. Arkenor

    I figured it was an investor document.

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