Remember. Don’t Click Links

It’s time for a little reminder.

What has prompted me to write this is that over the last week I have received a few emails telling me that someone has reset my Battlenet account, and these folks have kindly provided a link for me to click on and get more information.

Of course, if I do click on a link like this, there’s little doubt my computer will quickly be infected by some sort of keylogger waiting to collect my account information and send it off to scheming piece of sh*t that devised this fraud.

The big problem with these emails is that they look kosher. I had to look fairly carefully at it to see the flaws, as the return and link addresses looked quite plausible. But as they say, the devil is in the details, and there were some tell tale signs.

The problem most people face is that the signs often shift around a bit. Often the emails will become more sophisticated as more is learned.

So here’s what you do… actually what you don’t do.

  1. Don’t click on a link in an email. Always manually enter the address of the support site into your browsers address bar, even if you know that the email is legit. Even though you miss out on the automation, it’s just a good habit. Links are designed to help the lazy, wonderful things that they are, unfortunately they’ve been exploited.
  2. Don’t use Internet Explorer, or have it set as your standard click-and-go browser, I recommend Chrome. It still has a low adoption, meaning that exploits probably aren’t around for it yet, and it has a nice feature of detecting malicious sites. Firefox is getting more common now, that alone makes it a hackers target.

BTW, the same applies to other accounts, especially your financial ones. If you receive an email from Paypal or your bank, for the sake of your bank account and your sanity (it can be a nightmare to get your money back and repair your financial details) enter the details manually using a secure browser.

So if you do get an email from Blizzard, please check it before clicking the link, and then type it in manually anyway.

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  2. Ysharros

    In my case I just don’t read them. Gmail is really clever about figuring out what’s spam or not (it’s wrong maybe 1% of the time).

    Then again I also don’t care about my WoW accounts. If someone hacks them — eh. I probably won’t ever go back to the game anyway.

    It must be much suckier if you actually have a WoW account you care about.

  3. hurtsdonut

    Yeah, that same email got me a few years ago. Looked like a legit Blizzard email. I didn’t go to any links or enter any info, but I did open the email and that was enough to plant a trojan & get my info the next time I logged on. Oh well… lesson learned.

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