Real ID Is A Golden Opportunity

Blizzard’s completely insane move towards destroying their customers privacy might actually be a golden opportunity for other MMORPG publishers.

All they have to do is get all loud and vocal about how they’ll never violate your privacy and how they respect your right to be anonymous. Add a few humorous adverts poking fun at Blizzard, and I’m sure they’ll capture more than a few of the players quitting World of Warcraft over this issue.

Mr Developer, this is called a Unique Selling Proposition, something I’ve been learning while doing my business planning. It means that in order to do well in a market, you have to offer something that the other guy doesn’t. In this case, a respect for privacy and anonimity is something you can show that you do better than Blizzard.

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  1. Dave Huston

    Complete garbage. How is Blizzard violating your privacy? They’re not publishing your real name or any other information without your consent. How are they not respecting your right to be anonymous? They’re not forcing you to post on their forums.

    Stop trying to get hit with sensationalist crap posts.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    No not being forced to post on the forums… unless you need support. Then it’s more effective to post a question and reveal your name.

    You’re right, to a certain extent, it is all voluntary. So’s Facebook, yet they kept adding features that extended their intrusions into customer privacy. But at least they allowed an opt-out. Blizzard doesn’t even do that.

    This is simply the thin edge of the web driven by the push to social network gaming and the perceived profits that result in using an individuals personal network to advertise a product. For Blizzard opt-out appears to be do-not-use, and that doesn’t always work. For example I’ve read that some guilds are now requiring members to Real ID the guild or raid leader. That exposes you to everyone the guild and raid leader has added. So now if you want to be in a top-notch raiding guild you are forced to use Real ID. Completely optional eh?

    Oh, and by the way Dave, this is my blog and I’ll post my opinions as I see fit. If you don’t agree you’re free to post a comment (as you have) as long as you don’t get abusive. Or better yet, why don’t you create your own blog and post your argument there.

    Thanks for dropping by to comment.

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