Mass Effect The Movie

Ooh. It looks like Legendary Pictures have picked up the movie rights to Mass Effect according to Ten Ton Hammer.

This is one game IP that I reckon could make quite a decent movie, there’s certainly enough of a story to drive a movie. Not only that, in some ways, the Mass Effect games feel a lot like a movie in themselves. They’ve got that cinematic quality to them.

And Legendary Pictures aren’t a bad outfit either. So here’s hoping that Hollywood gets this one right.

Just as long as they keep Uwe Boll far, far away.


  1. Sara Pickell

    Anyone started a pool on whether or not it will be femshep yet? On the other hand, they could possibly write about the earlier events, like the Human/Turian war. Not holding my breath though.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    My guess is that it will be manshep at the helm. While the game allows the player to choose a female protagonist, all the promotional material is oriented malewise.

    As to plotline. Well that’s the kicker. I’d expect the story to follow the main plotline of ME1, but in that Hollywood every-producer-and-his-dog-must-have-a-say-in-the-writing kind of way, that makes the plot barely resemble the game. Just look at the Doom movie as an example of Hollywood butchery.

    Unless EA-Bioware are able to exercise a decent amount of editorial control that is.

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