Everquest 2 Double XP Weekend

I always find the Double XP weekends a decent incentive to hop back into Everquest 2. Especially these days when my gaming time is more and more limited. And since I’m busier and busier lately, the last few times SOE has souped up the XP multiplier for Everquest 2 I didn’t actually read about it until the event was almost over.

Thanks to @g33kg0dd3ss, the illustrious leader of The Halasian Empire who posted the news that SOE was doing a double XP weekend this weekend,I decided to take advantage of it and spend some R&R time in Everquest 2.

I reckon all up today I spent about 5 hours playing, and in that time added 2 adventure levels and 3 AA levels. I got a little help by handing in about 20 collections that I had been sitting on which not only gave me 68.75 to 69.75, but also a ton of house items with which to furnish my little 2 bedroom residence. After a little additonal grinding (I was attempting to get some lore and legend body parts) I dinged 70 and logged off for a little while. After coming back I did some exploring and a little questing and finished off a few minutes ago when the EQ2 client decided to crash on me.

Much of my time has been spent in the Kylong Plains, and I still have a few quests to go, perhaps enough to finish of level 70, but I’m starting to hanker for the next area. It feels like I’ve been in Kylong Plains for ages and in a way I have. It just hasn’t been in game hours.

The good thing is that I do have a bit of time to spare this weekend (even if I do have some business admin tasks to do) and with Monday being the ANZAC day holiday I don’t have to go out to the clients until Tuesday. Yay for public holidays!