Rollback Your NVidia Driver 196.75 ASAP

If you have an nVidia based graphics card and have recently installed the 196.75 version of the drivers, make sure you roll back to an earlier version as soon as you can.

Engadget is reporting that nVidia have pulled this version of the driver from their site due to reports that it is causing a fan malfunction causing performance issues and in some cases graphics card heat death.

If you have recently installed this version of the driver, it’s a good idea to rollback to an earlier version. Despite the inconvenience, remember that graphics cards ain’t cheap. At the very least it’s probably worth your time (if you own a card based on the nVidia chipset) to check the driver version, especially if you’ve installed any new games lately. Or if you’ve updated your drivers recently.

If you’re like me and last updated when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, you’re probably okay.

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  1. Ysharros

    Doh! We found a driver that was stable enough to let us play EQ2 without crashing, sometime last summer, and I haven’t touched the damned things since. Sounds like it was a wise decision!

  2. Longasc

    I am looking forward to get a driver update for my laptop GeForce. But at least they make their blunders mostly with the desktop versions… so far. I am quite disappointed, something is going wrong in software engineering and QA at Nvidia for quite some time by now. OK, IIRC the driver that made problems before was a beta release, but it was the first time in ages that Nvidia beta drivers caused many people real issues.

  3. Stropp (Post author)

    It’s usually not a bad thing to regularly update drivers. I tend to wait until I install a game that starts playing up (usually graphically) and then get the latest. Then a few months later…

    @Longasc — I’ve noticed the same thing. A while back I installed a driver that simply messed up all the graphics on my system. Had to boot in safe mode and rollback. Now there’s a problem with this release.

    nVidia used to have a high quality standard. I never heard a peep about this sort of problem

    I guess it could be that the chips and cards are now a couple orders of magnitude more complex than they were five years ago and this makes it harder to iron out these problems. Still…

  4. Blue Kae

    Woah, I had a bit of a freakout until I checked and realized that I’m still on the 196.21 drivers. I didn’t even realize they’d release another update already.

    My $0.02 on driver stability. I used to use Nvidia cards 7 or 8 years ago but I switch to ATI back when I tried to play the Max Payne demo and it would render the bottom half of the character even after a driver update. I only recently came back to Nvidia because they’d finally developed more of a reputation for driver quality and there was a deal at Fry’s when I built my current machine, so Nvidia was the best price for the performance. I have to say tough, that my experience with their drivers over the last couple of months has been average at best.

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  6. Mike at DFO Wiki

    LOL I never update my graphics card drivers either.

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