Just Incredible. And Stupid.

The big news item in the gaming world this weeks, aside from the various expansions and stats related to MMORPGS, is the completely dumbarse move by Ubisoft to add a form of DRM to Assassins Creed 2 that is so evil, it kicks you out of the game if you suffer even a momentary disconnection to your internet connection.

In other words, if you’ve ever suffered lag, ISP disconnects, interference to your wireless connection, or a cat suddenly choosing to sit on the router and unplugging it, then Ubisoft will stop you playing Assassins Creed 2. In fact, it the disconnection won’t even give you time to save your progress.

Given this, I won’t be buying AC2. I wasn’t too impressed with Assassins Creed 1 since it crashed my XBox 360 every five minutes or so it seemed. But even if AC1 ran flawlessly I wouldn’t be buying Assassins Creed 2. My internet connection often has little pauses that give a touch of lag in the MMORPGs I play. But AC2 will disconnect me.

The way I see it, companies like Ubisoft are now forcing players who have gone out an bought  legitimate copies of games into acts of piracy.

If I buy Assassins Creed 2 and at the first kick out, I reckon I’d have two options, depending on how much I like the game.

  1. Stop playing. I can be a little temperamental with games sometimes. It doesn’t take much to sour the experience. If Ubisoft kicked me out, I’d likely stop playing completely. I’d possibly then avoid Ubisoft games in the future.
  2. Find a cracked version. If I really liked the game and wanted to keep playing with interuption I might be inclined to find a way to beat the DRM by downloading a cracked version of the game. (Although this sort of software is inheritantly risky. I’d probably just stop playing.)

The fact is that companies like Ubisoft are not preventing piracy by pulling crap like this on their customers. It’s not the pirates being affected. They’ll avoid the DRM in the first place and just download the game. No. It’s Ubisoft’s customers who suffer. It’s Ubisoft’s customers who will then go out and find a cracked version of the game. And it’s Ubisoft’s customers who have then discovered how much else is out there that can be downloaded free.

Congratulations Ubisoft. By screwing your customers you’ve increased the ranks of the people who will happily pirate your games.

Well done. Dumbarse.

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  1. Longasc

    This could be the first game where downloading a “no-CD” (ok, in this case “no-online”) crack or something else that also legal owners of a game do for convenience almost becomes a necessity.

    Hopefully people vote with their wallets or – which is also likely – get a pirated copy.

  2. xXJayeDuBXx

    This is really disappointing to me. I was really looking forward to Assassin’s Creed 2 and Splinter Cell for the PC, but now I guess I will have to pick them up for the Xbox. Nothing wrong with those versions, I just like the better visuals that I can get on my PC.

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