Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

I recently tried out the two week free return visit of Age of Conan and decided against resubscribing despite a renewed sense of fun playing the Barbarian class and a huge improvement in the game that has occurred since release. That decision hasn’t changed, but dang! The new mounts that are to be released with the Rise of the Godslayer expansion are something to behold!


Age of Conan always has been one of the more graphically gorgeous games around, and Funcom keep upping the ante with content like this. Giving players a tiger to ride around on is awesome (and fairly tempting I might add) and a great concept to get players back into the game.

With their recent trials and promotions, it looks like Funcom are finally turning things around. They might not win back all the lost subscribers from the release, but it’s looking like Age of Conan will be around for the long haul.

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  1. xXJayeDuBXx

    I am not playing AoC now, but will go back when Rise of the Godslayer comes out.

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