Conan Wants Me Back

Like a few other bloggers today, this morning I received an email from Funcom offering a bunch of benefits to encourage me to resubscribe to Age of Conan.

These range from some free time to give the game another go, to a beta spot in The Secret World in exchange for a three month subscription. For longer subscriptions there are also additional benefits.

Quite honestly, I find myself a little tempted by this offer. Even the concept of paying for a guaranteed place in the TSW beta doesn’t bother me all that much, after all if it helps what is looking like a very interesting game make it out the door, then what’s wrong with a little creative fund raising. And if I choose not to resub for three months, then I still have a chance to get in to the beta free of charge.

Where the temptation gets a bit more help is that I have always intended to return to Age of Conan at some point. I was planning on giving Funcom a chance to get their game systems working properly, add some more content, and apply some polish. From all accounts this has happened, but I also understand that there are still problems. Still, it’s been on my mind recently.

The big drawback to resubbing to Age of Conan, for me at least, is that there is so much gaming going on for me at the moment. There’s Dragon Age, Torchlight, Everquest 2 (having some problems there though), Fallen Earth, and a dabbling of DDO. Adding another game to the mix is problematic, especially considering I’ll be looking at getting my freelancing business going again from December.  I may need to pull back from some gaming at that time anyway.

Personally, I think Funcom has jumped the gun with this offer a little bit.

They’ve picked a time when gamers have so much to choose from, and with more releases coming for the Christmas season, they’ve got a lot of competition to draw people back who weren’t all that happy with it in the first place.

It may have been better for Funcom to make this offer sometime in the new year when gaming is a bit quieter.


  1. xXJayeDuBXx

    I have the same problem with having too many games at the moment. I resubbed to AoC back in May and loved the changes to the game. But I ended up cancelling when Champions and Aion were coming out cause I wanted to try those out.

    I do think I am going to take advantage of the discount 6 month sub here pretty soon though.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    It’s good to hear that you’re happy with the changes made to AoC. What were the changes that impressed you the most?

  3. Pitrelli

    I’d love to return to conan but it tries to kill my pc everytime I do, I’ve never seen such a hog of an mmo when it comes to running it. Aion I would say is just as if not more visually impressive and it runs effortlessly on my rig Conan just seems to plunder and lag on.

    Good game tho…

  4. Raquinvil

    I was about to give it a go for the free 14 days trial, but then… credit card required, was heavy on my old computer and probably still heavy on the new and as Stropp said so many things going on atm…

    If it was on another time maybe or if there was no credit card requirement I could give it a go, but since I have to ask the bank to emit a temporary credit card… not worth the fuzz

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