Dragon Age Time Tip

Warning: This has some slight spoilage ahead, but not too much. I won’t be giving away storyline.

There are at least some quests in Dragon Age: Origins that have an element of time criticality, and I’m not all at sure if ‘some’ should read as ‘all’ since I’ve only done about 15% of the game after nearly 15 hours on this one character. It may be too soon to be conclusive about that.

Now for the spoilage.

The first village I came to offers a quest to deliver notices of conscription to three individuals scattered about the kingdom. I’m not sure if the quest indicated a timed element, but I instead went off and did two of the premium downloadable content quests before I went to Redcliffe and (as part of my other activities) delivered one of the notices. I then saved the village… hurrah! Checked my journal and noticed the quest was missing.

It turned out the Blight was on the move and had overrun the village I received the quest from. That was something I wasn’t aware of. It may be that completing the major parts of the Blight quests advance the Blight across the map, in which case it’s a good idea to do side quests when they are received rather than let them pile up and do other quests first.

If only I hadn’t dilly dallied.

Although, in keeping with the game play aspects of making choices that matter in Dragon Age: Origins, it may be that whatever I do in one direction, the big bad will affect something else.

Tis something to keep in mind for the other quests.

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  1. Ysharros

    Yay! I haven’t read past the first couple paragraphs (seeing as I haven’t made it past Ostagar) but thanks for letting us know that. I was recently bemoaning the fact that NPCs in games keep telling you it’s essential to hurry (including DAO) when in fact there are no consequences for NOT hurrying. I’m glad to see this isn’t always the case.

  2. Ryan

    Yeah this got me as well. I went to the Circle of Magi and when I was finished that. This little town is destroyed. Missed all the quests there.

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