For the last couple of years I’ve intended to get involved in the NaNoWriMo event and spend November writing 50 to 60 thousand words on a subject of my choice — fictional of course, and probably SciFi or Fantasy.

Every year something has come up to thwart that intention. And this year ain’t no different. The contract I’m working was extended yet again at the end of September, not for one month as I expected, but for two. I was kinda hoping it was going to finish at October’s end to give me a chance to get involved in NaNoWriMo.

I did consider attempting a story in any case, but there’s always only so much one can do at the end of a day. It’s hard enough sometimes to unscramble my brain long enough to write a 400 – 600 word blog post for Stropp’s World, let alone 1600 – 2000 words. Some nights I’m not even focussed enough to play a game. I was attempting some crafting the other night in EQ2 and found myself nodding off.

What I might do, if I can come up with a idea for a plot, is to write a short story, something that won’t take quite as much effort. Perhaps some fanfic related to a game, we’ll see.

In the meantime, Syp, Ysharros, Stargrace, Scarybooster (who is attempting the task using an iPhone) and a bunch of others are attempting this epic feat. They’re definitely worth watching. No pressure guys!

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. DM Osbon

    I tried this last year and failed miserably. I did keep what I did manage to write and may develop it or post it up whole on my blog.

    Can’t imagine trying it this year…too many games!

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    That’s a big reason why I know that I wouldnt have succeeded this year. Aside from the favorites (EQ2) there’s Fallen Earth, Torchlight, and DA:O to contend with. It would have been hard enough setting aside time each day if I had all day to myself, with work it would never have happened!

    Best thing is to set smaller goals that can be met. That then feeds into a more confident approach later.

  3. DM Osbon

    Looking back it was actually 2007 that I last tried NaNoWriMo…

    I do have a good idea for a casual novel but it’ll have to keep until maybe next year.

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