About That WoW Killer

There’s something that the big AAA MMORPG developers seem to be missing in their search for the Holy Grail of that World of Warcraft Killer.

The bar has been raised.

It doesn’t matter if World of Warcraft started life with more than a few bugs and far less content than it has now. Your game has to have at least as much content as WoW does now. And it has to be at least as stable.

It doesn’t matter if World of Warcraft wasn’t as polished upon release as it is now. Your game has to have at least as much polish as WoW. (That means no graphical glitches, spelling mistakes, or placeholders in the quest text.)

Your new game has to have at least as many quests as World of Warcraft after two expansions. And they must work cleanly.

That new MMORPG doesn’t just need the best release of all time, it needs to operate as smoothly as WoW does now, from the first day (or at least before the end of the free month.)

In short, if you are developing a WoW Clone, and want people to not only buy the box, but stay after the first month, then your game must be better than WoW in every way.

It occurs to me that perhaps the reason that no-one has created a World of Warcraft killer yet, isn’t because Blizzard pleased The Fates with the correct sacrifices, or that they were in the right place at the right time. Perhaps the reason is that they really do have a superior product. Could that be all it takes for someone else to make the much sought after WoW Killer?

It may even be possible that a World of Warcraft clone with simply more content and the same level of polish, and at least the dedication to marketing that the WoW marketing team has shown, would be a World of Warcraft killer.

The thing is, no-one has done that yet.


  1. Tipa

    I don’t think anyone is really trying for “WoW Killer” status any more. I think they are just looking for market share. What they hope is that WoW has made the MMO pie is so large that it can support hundreds of MMO companies.

    What they don’t understand is that nobody wants their game. I could hope that Tetris has expanded the falling brick game market so much that now the market can support any number of falling brick games, but guess what. Nobody wants another falling brick game, either.

    Though Puyopuyo is damn fun 🙂 There’s room for a FEW, but not an infinite number. MMO developers would be better off doing some other kind of game.

  2. chris

    WoW has a simple idea. That idea is to create a world which would allow people to step into a virtual world where they could live a herioc and escape from everyday life. The thing that most super nerds that play these MMO’s don’t understand is that the game needs to be user friendly for even the complete MMORPG noob.
    WoW allows you to escape from your everyday life and face dificult challenges and gain a feeling of satisfaction from that. That is what they are REALLY selling to you. A chance to live a life you can’t live or don’t and feel important or heroic. Once designers not only figure this out and are better then decent at coding a new MMORPG then you might have a potential competitor. For now none of the MMO’s i have played give me the rush and excitement that WoW has given me.

  3. Wiser

    I hope you people realize that the author is being sarcastic. Only WoW addicts and Blizzard fanboys look for the WoW killer, the vast majority of everyone else actually play other MMOs that are more interesting than WoW.

  4. Stropp (Post author)

    Well, kinda… not really.

    My point was (is) that if you want to develop a WoW clone (<-- clone; important that) and have it compete effectively with WoW then your clone has to be at least as good as WoW is now, not as good as WoW was at launch. The sarcasm was directed at those who keep claiming competition against WoW but don't come anywhere near WoWs level of completeness. To many WoW clones release (Aion comes to mind) with barely the level of completeness WoW had at launch and people wonder why they don't do all that well.

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