Yes Virginia, There Is A Fallen Earth Trial


Don’t ya hate it when you make a prediction, and less than a week later you get proven wrong?

Obviously the Fallen Earth folks listened to the plaintive cries of would-be Fallen Earth players, desperate for a free trial before they shelled out their hard earned bucks for a chance to wander the wastelands of the Grand Canyon province.

However, this is a limited trial offer that will give prospective players a fifteen day period to try out Fallen Earth during the Days of the Dead Halloween event. This Days of the Dead trial will only be available for Halloween, and the game will revert to a no trial status at least until the next major holiday event.

Still, it’s a great opportunity for those who are leaning towards subscribing to Fallen Earth to give the game a try. There’s also the benefit of being able to retain any of the special items won from participating in the Days of the Dead events.

So, if you’ve been hanging back from Fallen Earth, there’s now no excuse to drop in and have a look see.

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  1. Harmen

    Just bought it a few days ago due to a lack of trial 🙂
    Haven’t played much, still trying to get orientated, get a scence of scale.

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