Fallen Earth And The FTC

I quite like Fallen Earth, despite the rough around the edges release.

But with the new FTC rules,  I suppose now that I have to tell you that I have not received a free copy of Fallen Earth, nor is my subscription being provided gratis. And Fallen Earth LLC doesn’t pay my Internet, phone, or electricity bill. The company doesn’t pay for my petrol, bus fare, or other groceries, and I paid for my car myself. I cut my own hair (nice and short with a clipper) so the Fallen Earth devs don’t pay for my haircuts either.

I wonder if that’s enough disclosure for the FTC?

Seriously though. So far no game publisher yet has sent me any gifts or given me free games or time. I didn’t even get any of those cool teasers that Mythic sent out for Warhammer. (Perhaps I stopped blogging about WAR too early!)

But I’m here MMOG devs. If you need an address to send anything free, just send me an email.


And you don’t have to worry about the disclosure stuff. If I get any freebies, I’ll be so happy, I’ll have to post about it. Just try and stop me!

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  1. Blue Kae

    Do you even need to worry about the FTC?

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    Probably not, but that may be a gray area since even though I am an Aussie citizen, this blog is hosted on a US based server, and my domain is registered though a US based provider.

    US government agencies have gone after non-US nationals who have not broken the laws of their country, but have broken a US law.

    Remember the Russian programmer arrested by the FBI (at the behest of Adobe) a few years ago? While working for a Russian company, he wrote some software that broke Adobe’s software protection. When he entered the US for a conference he was promptly arrested for a DMCA violation. It took a while to get it sorted out iirc and the programmer was left in limbo for a long time. (It ended up with Adobe embarressed by the negative publicity and quietly dropping their complaint.)

    And don’t forget the recent case of Evony. A US gold seller suing a British national in an Australian court. Or threatening to do so anyway. (Not sure what’s happening there lately.)

    National boundaries are blurring, for better or worse, and it’s something we’ll all have to be aware of in the coming years.

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  4. Blue Kae

    I hadn’t considered the hosting and domain registrar locations, that’s a good point. Of course, I’m American so I would be affected regardless of where I was hosting my blog.

    Unfortunately that’s too true about the national borders blurring and people having to be more concerned about getting arrested while traveling. I don’t remember the specifics but there have been a few other cases like the Russian programmer you mentioned, some where the person wasn’t even actually traveling to the US but was just on a layover.

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