Postcards From The Wasteland

Greetings from the barren wasteland!

I’ve been spending most, well, all actually, of my gaming time in Fallen Earth lately and thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere of the game. So, I thought I post up a couple of pictures from my time.

Both of these, just by coincidence, are taken in Depot 66. Depot 66 is a small settlement with two factions devoted to the performing arts. The conflict here happens because one side wants to stage Julius Caesar, while the other want to perform Macbeth.

Oh! What a twisted web we weave!


Here I am, astride my trusty mount. This is the Wasteland Runner which is the bonus item with the Direct2Drive preorder.

It’s amazing the difference that a mount makes in Fallen Earth. It does take a long time to get anywhere on foot. A mount cuts that time down substantially, and has made the couple of times that I forgot something and had to go back somewhere far less annoying than on foot.

I waited a while to use the item key, because I’d heard that the bonus item was only available on one char per account and I didn’t want to waste it on a character I might not keep. But I’m definitely enjoying the pistoleer template so I bit the bit and picked up the horse. Nice looking beast too!


New games often have a few bugs. Sometimes they’re frustrating, sometimes easy to live with, and sometimes just plain weird.

Like these outdoor theatre goers (or are they the actors?) at Depot 66 floating above the ground. That must be some show to get them this high!

I call this bug, Zen and the Art of Outdoor Theatre Watching.

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