Downloading Fallen Earth Beta

Okay. Who said resistance was futile?

I blame Werit and his excellent series of videos.

Even though the game still looks a little rough, and from all I’ve heard perhaps might do with some more developmental polish, I find myself intrigued at the almost Anarchy Online look of the game. That’s only an external perception through the videos and screenshots I’ve seen, and might change once I get some time in the game. As I type this the download still has 6 hours to go. Werit on the other hand compares Fallen Earth to Star Wars Galaxies pre-NGE, especially the crafting.

All in all, I hope this game does well.

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  1. Ysharros

    The game was …. interesting, back in the early beta phase when I played (Dec-Jan? might have been more like Oct-Nov 2008, I forget).

    My main issues with it back then was the client’s propensity for crashing, which I’m sure has been addressed since then, and the heavy FPS style/interface, which I’m sure has not. I never did get to where I thought SWG’s interface was anything but shite (stupid reticles), and in both games I spent 99% of my time in the alternate, non-reticle mode.

    The crafting was reasonably interesting. Dunno what they’ve done to it in the meantime. Downside was, typically, 18,000 components and 8 bank slots (and encumbrance).

    What I liked the most was the skill-based system. Again though, I could be so far out of date it’s not funny. Go make your own impressions, it’s certainly worth a try.

  2. Pete S

    I’ve tried the beta a few times but I’m not sure its a good ‘beta’ game, because it’s pretty clear there’s going to be a long learning curve and, I admit, I’m not sure I’m willing to devote that time to a beta and a character that’ll be wiped.

    I sure hope they have a 14 day trial or something after launch.

  3. DM Osbon

    Stop the beta madness!

    Nah…enjoy my friend but you wont see me there – maybe EQ2 soon.

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