Fallen Earth Announce Open Beta Date

Fallen Earth LLC, the company behind the upcoming Fallen Earth MMORPG has just announced the date for the open beta.

To get the beta, according to the press release, you’ll have to create a Fileplanet account and download it. I’m not sure if that means that it will be necessary to have a paid subscription, but that does seem to be the way that these betas are going these days.

There’s also a preorder available that gives a mount called the Wasteland Runner which actually has better stats than the standard mounts.

There are four games due for release in September, and Fallen Earth is currently the front-runner for at least a portion of my gaming time. The reason for that is simple. It’s a post-apocalyptic game, and as far as I’m aware it will be the first MMORPG in this genre.

I hugely enjoyed Fallout 3. I know there were some criticisms, but I thought it was a great game with a lot of depth and replayability. I’m also a bit of a fan of apocalyptic, post or during, books and movies, so it’s about time for a MMORPG.

Unfortunately I won’t  be either getting into the open beta, preordering, and possibly won’t be there on release. Time is not really on my side with my current contract rapidly running out. I was slated for a 2 month extension, but that’s been reduced to 1 month based on new budget cutting measures, and even that month is in doubt. So the next two weeks will be hard pressed to hand over my work to another team member before the contract expires at the end of August.

Even then, when I’m not working, gaming will still have to take a backseat — I’ll need to figure out some way to make an income in a climate where my set of skills aren’t currently in demand.

I expect that instead I’ll forego the launch day blues and wait a month or so before I buy Fallen Earth.

On the other hand, will I be able to resist?

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