Evony – One To Avoid

If you haven’t seen the Google adverts for CivonyEvony, a browser based Civilisation style game, then you probably haven’t turned on your computer for quite a while. In which case you’re not actually reading this post, it may be a figment of your imagination… Anyway, the point is the ads are everywhere. I see them when I’m browsing game, tech or even business blogs.

Now it was stirring in the back of my mind as to how the company behind the game could afford to put so many adverts out there. It wouldn’t be cheap would it. Well, the answer is, according to Musashi’s Cheesy Home Page (via Scott Jennings) is that the company behind the game is umge.com. A World of Warcraft gold seller based in Guangzhou, China and also associated with WoWMine.

Which also makes sense of Tipa’s post yesterday that her blog, West Karana, was getting spammed by Evony.

When I first read her post I wondered how a game developer could be so stupid as to resort to blog spam. (Blog spam for those who don’t know is when a spammer leaves comments that usually have nothing to do with the post and have a link back to some product, usually porn, viagra, or credit.) But it isn’t a game developer who is spamming. It’s an evil gold seller who just happens to have a game, doing the spamming. That makes so much more sense.

Good thing I found out about this. I like Civ style games and was pondering having a go when I needed a break from EQ2.  It looks like Evony is a bit of a con anyway, you pay 24 cents for each message sent in worldwide chat. I suggest reading Musashi’s post for the details.

So like Tipa, I’m having nothing to do with Evony or Civony (or whatever they call it next.)

I suggest you do the same.

Update: At the time of posting I hadn’t actually received any of the blog spam sent by Evony. Well, that’s changed. WordPress just told me I received some spam, and guess what, it turns out to be the same comments Tipa has received. “Hey have you played Evony yet?”

Ironically, those comments are being added to this post. Wow. How dumb can a spammer get?

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  1. Bruceongames

    It is looking like Evony is just one big scam with horror stories popping up all over the web. A collation of some of them here: http://www.bruceongames.com/2009/07/10/dont-play-evony/

  2. nick

    yeah they get the players to spam places as well

  3. Stropp (Post author)

    @nick – that’s interesting. Perhaps that’s where some of the spam I received came from.

  4. hold

    I play Evony. And what ever people say about it, it’s a really addictive, awesome game

  5. Alex Taxiera

    wow im actually not going to believe this until I see it somewhere credible, Evony is a sweet game and doesnt require much talking in the world chat anyways and if you wanted to theres a chance you will win free speakers (required to talk in world chat) as i have won hundreds of them on there wheel of fortune type thing, to tell you the truth i think evony is one of the best civ games out there. and seriously? getting players to spam? ive never heard this, and ive never recieved spam, they just have excessive ads. and for the record im not from evony im a run of the mill player, you can run my user name: Alxalca through servers, n3, na20, and na13 as well as my real name through google. fare thee well my fine gentlemen!

  6. Evony CEO

    How dare you accuse us of spamming blog sites for people to join the game. That is beneath us like 10th floor tops us execs would never do that now excuse me time for meeting with our spammers guess they are getting a raise. JK seriously though the company isn’t going to waste time spamming when they pay for the advertising which is not spam. The people spamming websites and blogs are evony players trying to get free stuff from evony for signups through their link or spam.

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