Reports abound that Blizzard has recently trademarked the word Cataclysm.

This sounds more like the title given to an expansion than a full game, so the speculation that World of Warcraft’s next expansion will be titled Cataclysm, or possibly something along those lines.

Let’s do a little more speculation about how the next expansion will shape up.

The two main continents of Azeroth will be destroyed. That’s the cataclysmic event that the title portends. It won’t be a complete destruction, only the areas level 50 and below will be destroyed.

It’s no secret that Blizzard have gradually been reducing the importance of the original game for some time. Leveling has been sped up in order to get players to the high level raid content, and let’s face it, no-one goes to the original WoW dungeons (raid or otherwise) anymore.

So this will give Blizzard a chance to get rid of all that pesky low-level content in favor of the high level stuff.

Of course this means one of two things must happen.

  1. All new characters created will start at level 50 or above.
  2. Blizzard will subtract 49 from the character level, effectively scaling everyone back down 50 levels, but with all the old attributes and gear intact.

Some of the old content can be repurposed for high-level use. After all a cataclysmic event often brings new and more serious challenges to a population. But much needs to be destroyed otherwise there will be too much new high low-level content and we know Blizzard doesn’t want that.

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  1. Harmen

    Genius! Sounds like a great solution!

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  3. Hawk

    Will never happen, nor should it. Ditching 1-50 content would be crazy.

    Believe it or not, there are many who actually enjoy said content.

  4. dragonpie

    that honestly might be some of THE WORST speculation i’ve EVER heard.
    Maelstrom, yes
    complete destruction of many years of work from this company? NO

    Blizzard will absolutely never do something this radical. people still do raid the old content. and with the new turning off XP factor, vanilla raiding has the potential to be come much more legit.

    and how would that possible ever work with new accounts?

    “ok, i just bought this new game….i’m level 50 now?”
    yes, blizzard does focus a lot on Endgame, because that’s where most of the players are at right now. But completely forsaking every other new player to the game? Absurd.

    besides that, the old world does a fantastic job of describing the world around your character.

    complete and total fail of a post. you’re probably going to have it removed, just letting you know exactly how stupid you sound.

  5. tyler

    cool. but probably not likely. i’m guessing cataclysm will simply be the name of the next expansion and will be feature zones in or near the maelstrom.

  6. Bonedancer

    The next expansion having to do with the Maelstrom is plausible.

    The “Cataclysm” not having happened yet is plausible.

    Deleting – or worse, redesigning – two entire continents to reflect this cataclysm is much less so. You and I may not spend much time in the Old World, but from Blizzard’s point of view they worked damn hard on it and they’re not just going to get rid of it now.

    I could see them building in some changes – craters, for example – using phasing, but that would be the height of it.

    It’s an interesting idea, regardless, but I don’t expect it to actually come to pass.

  7. Stropp (Post author)

    lol. I was actually being a little tongue in cheek with this ‘speculation.’ I don’t believe that Blizzard will destroy the old world either, it was more a commentary on the diminishing of the old middle level content.

  8. Taxing

    No way blizzard does away with low levels, or scales us back down to 50. Blizz has been talking about phasing the old world for high-level use. Ghostcrawler also talks about how there was a lot of debate about starting DKs at level 55 and that they don’t think they would do that again. Therefore i don’t see them allowing toons to start at level 50.

    More likely scenario is maelstrom opens up. 80 – 86 is spent fighting in old world phased including the introduction of Gilneas, 87 – 90 spent on the isles near the maelstrom. level 90 raids located in the maelstrom. We fight another old god and Queen Azshara.

    New duel faction city for base of operations is Undermine on the Isle of Kezan.

    New COT takes us to the War of the Ancients and the great sundering. i can see the black dragon flight trying to stop the sundering and its our job to make sure it happens.

    boom expansion complete.

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  11. Kiryn

    That sounds more like a premise for a WoW sequel than an expansion to the existing, established game. Whole world destroyed, everyone hopped the portal to Outland and has to start over from scratch, retaking their destroyed homeland?

    I happen to enjoy low-level content quite a lot, I don’t see any reason why they would just remove it from the game entirely. How would you gradually teach a new player how to play? By throwing a few dozen complicated abilities at them the moment they create their character, rather than starting you out in a safe place with two abilities and gradually teaching you a couple of new ones every few levels? Or explaining the world/lore/storyline to them as they explore the world? Completely redesigning the introductory quest lines for ALL races? I very sincerely doubt Blizzard would do anything that stupid.

    It’s called an “expansion” for a reason. Because it’s ADDING stuff. Not taking things away.

  12. Stropp (Post author)

    @Kiryn – It does sound like a sequel doesn’t it?

    Oh wait. It is a sequel. EQ2 takes exactly this premise. Thanks for pointing this out, I didn’t actually make the connection when I wrote this. Hmmm. Maybe this is for a WoW sequel. Cool idea.

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