Has Anyone Proven The Violent Game Link Yet?

Has anyone proven that there is really a link between violent games and real-world violent or antisocial behaviour?

Over at Game Politics there is a post about the most recent study that supposedly proves this link. The article talks about how a researcher from a Texan university is disputing the results due to the use of poor research methods.

And this is the crux of the matter. It seems every one of these studies (that I’ve read about) has used methods that either bear no relationship to the way things work in the real world, or are designed to achieve a desired result. This latest study seems to do the former, but there are many studies out there, commissioned by so called family groups or others with some form of social agenda, that use completely suspect means of gathering and analysing the data.

You would think that if such a correlation between violent games and real-world behaviour actually existed, the researchers wouldn’t have to use unreliable and disreputable methods, and as a consequence there would be a ton of irrefutable studies out there.

So where are they?

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