Free Realms – It’s A Launch, Something Had To Break

Fortunately, not for me… yet.

Since I posted my quick first impressions this afternoon I’ve read a few comments on Twitter and other blogs where the commentors have been having a few problems. I guess no launch gets a free pass from Mr Murphy.

It seems though that most of the problems are related to the accounting and friend management systems. Both areas that I haven’t tried out yet. 

Tobold is reporting that he can’t actually give SOE any money. I’ve seen a few other comments on this as well, and Tobold notes that he’s seen quite a lot of posts talking about this problem. It’s a little ironic really. Normally if a billing system went down on a MMORPG launch, the company would bend over backwards to fix the problem, after all no-one can even play if they don’t have an active account. In Free Realms an account doesn’t require a subscription, so everyone can still play. Although I have an inkling that SOE aren’t all that happy about not being able to actually get any money, at least it doesn’t make the players grumpy… errr… grumpier.

Probably of more concern to players, at least those who aren’t champing at the bit to get the in-game things that you need Station Cash for, is the problems with friend lists. This is another thing I haven’t tried yet, but I’ll give it a go shortly, so I’m relying on what I’ve read around the traps, but apparently you cannot add to friends lists yet. For a strongly social MMOG like Free Realms, maintaining your friends list is pretty important.

Other than that, there have been reports of crash to desktops and the likes, but it doesn’t sound like this is a major problem so far. From what I can tell, Free Realms has had a pretty good launch.

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  1. Cuppycake

    Interesting. I had no problems giving them money, and haven’t had any problems with my friends list either. Maybe it’s because he’s not in the US? I know they don’t have Euro servers up yet.

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    Perhaps. I’d just be putting it down to launch day blues, and the luck of the draw. However, I think Tipa had some problems giving money away too.

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