A Day In The Life Of A Death Knight

With the lifting of the rule restricting Death Knight creation to servers already with 55+ characters, I took the plunge and created a Death Knight on the Rexxar server, and played through the DK starting area quest storyline.

Since I’m going to hook up with the WoW chapter of the Casualties of War guild, I needed to pick an Alliance race — I think it’s a pity they didn’t allow the Death Knight’s races to have a bit more freedom and cross faction lines — so I chose the most ridiculous race for my DK.


Meet EvilMo, the Gnome Death Knight. And with a Dastardly Dan style moustache like that, how could he not be evil. See the resemblence?


So with moustache all ready to go, EvilMo set off on his journey of, well, evil.

On the way he encountered a bunch of nice pleasant folks who were, for some reason, slightly unhappy to see him.


This made EvilMo very unhappy. Especially the comment by the guy who pooped himself. So he killed them. This made EvilMo feel better.

After a little while EvilMo was asked to steal a horse, and for a reward he was given a wonderful little pony. EvilMo had always wanted a horse, so this was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. Of course nothing in life, or death for that matter, is perfect and EvilMo immediately noticed the saddle’s design flaw.


But having a pony was worth it. And being an undead horse, there was the side benefit of not having to feed it, which led to the even greater benefit of not having to own a shovel. Of course a Death Knight wouldn’t clean up his horse’s leavings anyway, and he’d laugh deeply when someone trod in it.

EvilMo went on to have many other adventures in the Lich King’s service, including sitting atop a dragon while directing it to fire on the hapless humans of the Scarlet Crusade far below. Hiding in a mining cart to get behind enemy lines, and even dressing up as one of those humans and taking a stroll to meet one of their generals. All in a days work for an eager young Death Knight.

Of course all good things come to an end, and EvilMo was forced out of the Lich Kings service. He even suffered the indignity of having rotten fruit and vegetables chucked at him while he delivered a missive from the new leader of the freed Death Knights.

But now he’s in tight with the Alliance.

Or is he? The moustache is still evil.

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  1. Ysharros

    Is this fixed, or are you one of the few, the lucky few, the band of unbugged brothers? I still couldn’t make mine yesterday. 🙁

    Then again if I could, I’d have to agonise over what race to pick… (Alliance side.) Despite the hatred I love Night Elves, but the idea of a gnome DK is just reaaaaallly appealing — except I’m not sure that would last past the char creation screen.

    Thanks for the write-up though. /slinks off, jealous

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    I wasn’t aware that it was bugged. There was a notice when I logged in that DKs could only be created on a server with another 55, but I tried anyway and it worked.

    Maybe give it another try.

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