Monthly Archive: January 2009

Long Weekend

Just a quick update since it’s getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow. Sigh. Sometimes I think virtual Mondays are worse than real Mondays since you’ve had that extra day of freedom. And since the temperature tomorrow,…
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Board Games

This last Christmas, my friends and I all seemed to get the same idea, and a number of the gifts that were given — a big percentage anyway — were of the board game type. It was one of those…
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RSS Feed Changes

I’ve used Feedburner to manage my RSS feed for a couple of years now. However, a couple of years ago Feedburner were bought out by Google and effectively joined the Google family of products. And… pretty much nothing happened. There…
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2009 And Away

The cool thing about taking a little time off from blogging — that’s what I call it anyway, not slacking… nooo — is that you get the chance to think over things a little and can view the blog from…
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