Warhammer Online – Just in it for the Hat.


A few of the guys over at Casualties of WAR have been getting their creative on and making up some brilliant recruitment posters for the guild.

[adsense_id=”1″]Since I find myself leaning towards the Witch Hunter class for my first character, I promise you there will be others, I thought you might like to see our Witch Hunter recruitment poster. Over the next few weeks, I’ll put up some more of our recruitment posters as they come along — we have some real talent in the guild.

Speaking of that, the other day we passed one hundred applicants and since then there have been quite a few others. The momentum is really building up, not just for the game, but for the guild. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit two or three hundred members when the game goes live.

If you are interesting in joining up with a bunch of crazy bloggers, apply here.

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  1. arbitrary

    Awesome poster!

    If we ever feel the need to re-roll on US servers, we will come join Casualties!

  2. Just Ally

    I agree awesome poster, i must say the witch hunter is the class im looking at as well.
    Any news on the EU CoW?

  3. DM Osbon

    I am in it for the hat also 😉

    Am downloading the Beta as we speak, Stropp – 8.32gb so far…believe its a @9gb download?!

    @Just Ally EU CoW was brought up in a post on the forum but I think they alot on their plate atm, so no news yet.

  4. Just Ally

    Thanks DM, yeah i just registered on the CoW site as Pitrelli but unsure to join up as a full member as dont want to waste their time.

  5. Stropp (Post author)

    @DM – Is that the Open Beta download, or did you get into the closed?

    As DM said, the EU side of the guild isn’t a priority due to lots of other stuff to do. I reckon what’s needed is for someone on the EU side to step up and volunteer to handle that part of the organisation. I don’t think there’s anything else stopping it.

  6. DM Osbon

    Stropp it’s the closed beta.

    On the EU side yeah maybe a volunteer is needed. Am happy to get involved organising people etc (have a few in mind) but not sure I would want to put myself forward to run the EU side of the guild.

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