Wrath of the Lich King Tames The Devil

Devilsaur that is.


Absolutely marvelous I say.

One of my pet peeves (okay so that was a bad pun) with the whole hunter pet system in World of Warcraft is that the final product gets nerfed. I’m not so much talking about fighting ability here, but about appearance.

I’m not sure about the reason, but once a nice fightin’ beastie is tamed, it shrinks down in size. Large critters become a whole lot smaller. Perhaps more understandably, the new pets stats are normalized for their class — cats get standard cat stats, raptors get standard raptor abilities, you get the picture.

It appears that for Wrath of the Lich King, players are now able to tame the mighty Devilsaur. Now that’s a pretty cool pet. And while it still shrinks down once tamed — I guess it’s hard to justify having a 50ft devil compressing itself into tiny passages — it still stands head and shoulders above its new master.

Just a thought. I’d be happy if the Devilsaur kept its original size and could only be used outdoors. It would be so special to let him loose in the battlegrounds.

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  1. Super Ally

    haha that would be quite funny if they kept the size.
    I am however a hunter hater! from my time in wow if there was one class i couldnt stand it was the hunter. i levelled up a mage solely to pk every hunter i came across i hate them that much.
    Lets face it if ever there was an overpowered class the hunter stands head and shoulders above everyone – the hunter was as far as im concerned most peoples anti class. The fact they have a pet i dont mind, most of the time the pet is irrelevant and you ignore it, what irks me is the fact they get mail armour, and have not too shabby melee damage to boot.
    Now having mail armour doesnt really matter to an extent as when fighting a hunter they normally set their pet on you and run away – or kite as they call it (it is supposed to be skillful….) but when you do catch them your damage is reduced due to them having mail armour. I say give them cloth

    To sum it up Hunters are a lame class and for people who cant play …. sorry Stropp i know you have your Hunter

    Rogues FTW

  2. Stropp (Post author)

    ;-( I feel sad.

    Them’s fightin’ words me thinks! 😉

  3. AimedShot

    Hunters are for soloing and farming.

    Everyone has a close range ability on hunters. Shadowstep, ranged frost nova, avengers shield, cyclone, intercept, blink, frost shock, deadly throw. Hunters have lost any advantage they may have had. Hunter melee damage doesn’t hold up to anyone.

    After seeing the latest Wrath Beta patch notes, every one gets a stun, and an escape. Death knights can pull targets to themselves.

    I’ll be leaving the hunter at 70. :/

  4. Dan Rosenthal

    On the downside, everyone that COULD have a 50 ft. T-rex WOULD have a 50 ft. T-rex and then the appeal would quickly grind down as fast as your FPS would from all the massive pet spam.

  5. Stropp (Post author)

    Hey Dan, yep that’s true. It could get rather busy on screen. But it looks like Devilsaurs will be classed as exotic pets and that means the hunter needs to be specc’d beast mastery to be able to tame them. That should reduce the number of big lizards in the environment. I’m not sure if they become unusable if the spec changes though.

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