Tip For Australian Age of Conan Players

If you are an Oceanic Age of Conan player and haven’t bought or registered your copy of Age of Conan yet, I’d advise you to hold off registering it for a while.

The release of any MMORPG is fraught with problems. Server issues, bugs with the client, problems with class balance, and even exploits cause problems for players and developers. While Age of Conan has had a reasonable uneventful release, there have been a number of things that have needed fixing.

And that means the servers come down.

This hasn’t really affected the US playerbase very much yet. They have only had a couple of primetime server downtimes over the last two weeks. (Yes. It’s been two weeks already!) However, for the Oceanic players who play on the same servers that are located in the US, that hasn’t been the case.

Funcom have been bringing down the servers for four hours at a time at around 10am GMT. This translates into 8pm Australian Eastern Time, smack dab during prime playing time. This has occurred four of the last six nights, with another scheduled to start in a couple of hours.

The good thing about this is that it shows that Funcom is committed to fixing the issues with Age of Conan and making the game the best that it can be. And as I said, unexpected downtimes to apply patches are pretty much par for the course with a new MMORPG.

So unless you’re taking some holidays in the next month and can play during the day, I’d advise you to hold off installing the game until things settle down a bit, and server downtimes are once a week rather than three or four times a week.

Otherwise you are squandering that free month that comes with the game.

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