Monthly Archive: April 2008

R18+ Getting Closer

This story by Game Politics is pretty close to home for me. The Attorney-General of my home state of South Australia, Robert McClelland, is being the proverbial fly in the ointment in the push to get Australia a R classification…
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Welcome to Stropptopia

I was over reading Ogrebear’s blog which I discovered over the weekend, he has quite a bit on Everquest 2, but that’s not what caught my eye. Ogrebear did a review of Ikariam, a Civilization style web browser based game….
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And Half Of Them Are Mine

Massively has an interesting tidbit of news. Apparently video game and/or virtual world avatars now outnumber actual real living people in the United States. I’m not sure exactly how many that is, but I think it’s a bit over 300…
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Remnants of Skystone

Both TenTonHammer and Massively are reporting on the announcement of yet another MMORPG called Remnants of Skystone. The game is being developed by an outfit called Flipline Studios. The difference here is that Remnants of Skystone is set in a…
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Stropp’s World Forums

A few months ago, I asked my readers if they would like to see Forums here on Stropp’s World. The question was asked in response to a smallish number of attempts to access a forum subdomain ( on the site….
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No Fool You

April the First. That day of the year where every man and his dog attempt to pull the wool over your eyes with tall tales, fantastic and mundane. Not everyone appreciates the April Fools pranks though. In a way I…
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