The April Poll – Extended

Just a quick note.

Since the games release is nigh upon us, I’ve decided to keep the April Poll going until Age of Conan Hyborean Adventures servers actually go live.

As I mentioned previously, this will be the last poll I do on the front page of Stropp’s World for a while. I will still keep putting polls up, but they’ll be in the forums. The Simple Machines Forum software is much better than the WordPress plugin I’m currently using and offers more flexibility.

The other benefit of forum based polls is that they are visible for anyone to see when the poll is concluded. That’s not the case with the Democracy plugin.

Anywho. That means you’ll have an additional twenty or so days to vote in this months poll, Are You Looking Forward to Age of Conan.

I know that the last few weeks it’s been an Age of Conan information overload, if you haven’t already had enough, drop by and let your vote be heard.