My Favorite April Fools Joke of All Time

Since everyone has been talking about the April Fools pranks that have peppered the Internet over the last day, I thought I might make a second post and reminisce about my favorite April fools prank of all time. And it’s not a web one either.

This prank occurred many years ago when I was in my late teens.

At the time down at one of the waterfront areas there was a restaurant called the Buffalo. The original Buffalo was one of the first colony or explorer ships to come to this area and the restaurant was a replica of the original ship.

On this April 1st, a local Adelaide radio station breakfast team told their listeners that the Buffalo was doing a promotion and that the first 100 people would be taken on a cruise around the bay.

Sure enough a few people turned up and waiting for their chance at a cruise.

The problem, or the prank was that the Buffalo was a replica. It wasn’t a real ship, it wasn’t even anywhere near the water, and it was built into the ground.

Yet still they waited for their cruise.

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