March Poll Results – What’s Your Favorite Class Style?

Wow. March is over already. It just seems like yesterday when I put this poll up… better get to the topic before I start reminiscing about getting up before I went to bed to go work in the mines and licking the road for breakfast… or something like that.


I asked the question at the beginning of the month what your favorite class style was. I tried to keep the classes MMO agnostic, giving the choice of Tank, DPS Melee, Hunter/Ranged DPS, Mage, or Priest. The results from 18 votes cast are as follows:

  • Tank – 3 votes (16%)
  • DPS Melee – 7 votes (39%)
  • Hunter/Ranged – 2 votes (11%)
  • Mage – 1 vote (6%)
  • Priest – 5 votes (28%)

Overall the numbers didn’t surprise me. I always figured there would be a decent number of DPS Melee and Healer players around. I was a little surprised at the Ranged and Mage classes though. I figured that there would be a lot more players that loved the DPS offered by Mages, Warlocks and Hunters. The poor old Mage only got voted for in the last couple of days.

Considering that the Mages, Wizards, Sorcerers and Warlocks don’t appear to be under-represented in the games that we play – I always see a bunch of them in the game, and don’t have trouble finding them in groups – why do you think we didn’t see them represented in the poll?