April Poll – Are You Looking Forward to Age of Conan?

With the release date of Age of Conan drawing closer, it’s only around seven weeks away as I write this, there’s been a bit more attention given to the game. It looks like Funcom lucked out too. EA Mythic pushing the release date out to Fall 2008 will give Age of Conan a nice bit of breathing room to get started.

As I wrote yesterday, I’m starting to build up an anticipation for Age of Conan myself. So I thought that I’d ask you guys the same question. Are you looking forward to playing Age of Conan?


I’ve given you a few options for the poll, but they essentially boil down to yes, no, or maybe. If  you don’t see the option you’d like, or if you’d like to make a comment, please leave one below.

I suspect the poll is having some problems with RSS feed readers. If you are finding that you can’t vote from your feed, come over to the site. The poll also lives in the sidebar. I’d also appreciate you letting me know if you’re not able to vote in the feed. If that’s the case, I might have to look at alternate poll software.